Consists of several complementary units and employing dozens of people, the plant assembles different types of generators, accompanies its distribution network in an ongoing effort to satisfy the customer.

As part of its business, the Company EI Djarissi Motors Company has implemented a maintenance program splited into two parts, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.
The generators sold by our company receive a after-sales service according to the warranty period end with the customer and calculated according to a schedule or an hourly amount. Once the first threshold is reached, the fina

Our maintenance program is organized in two ways:
1. Preventive maintenance : it consist in working on a generator until it is faulty to try to prevent the blackout. We work proactively, either for reasons of operational safety (the consequences of failure are unacceptable), or for economic reasons (it’s cheaper) or sometimes practices (the generator is available for maintenance at specific times).
Preventive maintenance is divided into three operations:

Routine maintenance: it means the business conducted systematically or on a schedule (at fixed time intervals) or with the frequency of use (hours of operation etc.).

Condition-based maintenance: it is performed following statements, measures, controls reveal the state of deterioration of equipment;

Predictive maintenance: it is made following an analysis of the evolution of the degradation state of the generator, the generator or accessory group;

Paliative maintenance: it consists of troubleshooting (ie temporary) equipment that can provide all or part of a required function, it must however be followed by remedial action as soon as possible.

Corrective maintenance :it is to intervene on an equipment failure. This requires major repairs of this equipment to achieve in our workshops. After repair, it conducted its audit in a bench trial.
Various methods permit to improve planning and scheduling of maintenance actions:

Levels of maintenance (planned by El Djarissi Motors Company).

maintenance-2Level 1 :
- Travaux : Simple adjustments – no disassembly or opening.
- Location : Sur place.
- Staff : Operator of the generator. (Operator formed in this way).
- Example : Reset after an emergency shutdown controller.
Level 2 :
- Works : Troubleshooting exchange standard – minor operations preventive maintenance
- Location : on site
- Staff : Skilled personnel.
- Example : Changing a relay – control fuses – Resetting Circuit Breaker

Level 3 :
- Works :Identification and fault diagnosis – repair by exchange standard – minor mechanical repairs – preventive maintenance (eg. adjustment or realignment of measuring devices)
- Location : On site or in maintenance shop
- Staff : Technician of the company El Djarissi Motors Company.
- Example : Identification of the faulty item, search for the cause, eliminating the cause, replacement.

Level 4 :
- Works : Major maintenance unless corrective or preventive renovation and reconstruction – adjustment of measuring devices – control standards
- Location : Workshops El Djarissi Motors Company specialized tools with general benchmarks, measurement, documentation.
- Staff : Equipped with specialized technical leadership of the company El Djarissi Motors Company.
- Example : Intervention on materials that return to service is subject to qualification
Level 5 :
- Works :Renovation – reconstruction – major repairs
- Location : Workshops of El Djarissi Motors Company.
- Staff : Specialized technicians (authorized by the company El Djarissi Motors Company).
- Example : Compliance according to regulations of heavy equipment (Standards builders.)

This sums up our determination to establish a maintenance policy designed to meet the expectations and needs of our customers and support them in their daily activities and be always ready to intervene at short notice effectively.